Are you interested in new innovative technologies
for food processing and preservation…?
then, save the date: November 30th 2017 in Quakenbrück (Germany)


Free Open Demonstration Workshop 
for Pulsed Electric Field Preservation 
and Low Shear Extrusion


In this workshop, two innovative food processing technologies, Pulsed Electric Field preservation (PEF-P) and Low Shear Extrusion, will be presented, including a pilot scale demonstration, with conditions in a near to operational industrial environment.

It’s presented by German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL) and Elea. They are core partners of the EU project i³-food.

Customers, manufacturers and suppliers interested in these technologies and their application are welcome to participate!




· Welcome

· Institute and company presentation: DIL and Elea

· Introduction of i3-food project:

  – Session 1: Low shear extrusion of ice cream.
  – Session 2: Pulsed electric field preservation of liquid food products.

· Pilot scale demonstration of the process and sensors:

  – Ice cream extrusion with a planetary roller extruder.
  – PEF-treatment of juices and smoothies.

· Market uptake roadmapping:

  – Market uptake: Roadmap with potentials and challenges for PEF-P.
  – Market uptake: Roadmap with potentials and challenges for Low Shear Extrusion.

· Questions & Discussions

· Close up


We are looking forward welcoming you in Quakenbrück!
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For further questions, please contact:    

· For Low Shear Extrusion:  Juliette Herpich
· For Pulsed Electric Field:   Claudia Siemer


The EU project i³-food elaborates an optimum process control, leading to application of these technologies under real life operating conditions in an near to operational industrial environment:

  • Pulsed Electric Field Preservation (PEF-P) of liquid food products (e.g. fruit juices or smoothies).
  • High Pressure Thermal Sterilization (HPTS) for ready-to-eat-meals.
  • Low Shear Extrusion (LS-Extrusion) of cold food products (ice cream).


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