More than 100 attendants participated in first session coordinated by three European projects: HIPSTER, i3-food and FieldFOOD within the 31st Effost Conference held in Sitges (Spain) from November 14th to 16th.

Four i3-food presentations were held on the Tramuntana 1 hall at Melià Hotel in Sitges, during the “Session 17: FieldFOOD |i3Food|Hipster – Innovative sustainable food processing”:


  • Optimal process control for high pressure thermal sterilisation of food products (M. Vollebregt, K. Aganovic, A. Matser, S. Toepfl from WUR and DIL).
  • Possibilities of high pressure thermal sterilisation for preservation of cauliflower (M. Vollebregt, M. Helmond, K. van Kekem, A. Matser from WUR).
  • HACCP concept for industrial PEF treatment of juices (C. Siemer, J. Witt, K. Aganovic, S. Toe from Elea and DIL).
  • Planetary extrusion of cooled food products (J. Herpich, S. Töpfl from DIL)


It was a nice opportunity to listen the point of view from 3 different projects working within new food technologies such as High Pressure Thermal Sterelisation, Pulsed Electric Field and Low Shear Extrusion. The presenters, Investors and Project Coordinators from 3 projects, could answer on time all questions from the audience, creating a nice dialogue and discussion.