Photo gallery of the meeting


The past February 20th and 21th the i3-food Roadmapping Workshops were held in Frankfurt, Germany.

These roadmaps are the next step, after the Scoping Workshops, to identify the relevant measures necessary to overcome market entry barriers for the i3-food innovative food processing technologies (PEF, HTPS, and LS-Extrusion) into industrial application.

In this meeting, the consortium partners and external experts analyzed the drivers and barriers discussed in the first scoping workshops (October 4-5th 2016), aggregated and consolidated them, and located them in the layers “market”, “technology” and “policy”, in order to identify measures for each layer to push the technologies to the market.

Special thanks for the non members of the i3-food consortium for their participation in this event:

  1. Ferrari, from Universita di Salerno (Italy)
  2. Khayyat, from Avure (Germany)
  3. Koutchma, from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canadian Government (Canada)
  4. Nijsse, from Unilever R&D Vlaardingen (The Netherlands)
  5. Schottroff, from University of Natural Resources and Life Science Viena (Austria)
  6. Tylewicz, from Universita di Bologna (Italy)
  7. Van Altena, from Foodtech Brainport (The Netherlands)
  8. Wilches, from Hiperbaric (Spain)