The Steering Committee (SC) consists of 10 members. The SC is chaired by coordinator DIL and will be co-chaired by a representative of the Industry Group.The SC is the highest decision making body in i³-food and will finally making the decisions on milestones and delivery of reports.

Members of the SC are one duly authorized representative from each partner including work package (WP) leaders. Authorization of the members to represent their host institution will be ensured by signing the CA.

The coordinator has the overall responsibility of managing the project regarding any scientific, legal and administrative issues. The work includes managing the meeting, event, progress, reporting and financial framework of the project and recruiting the Industry Advisory Board.

The Industrial members of the SC will form the Industry Group (IG) which will ensure that all technology driven activities of the project (sensor development and validation, process control validation and industrial application) are addressed and performed according to the needs of the food processing industry. The IG will confirm the selection of external partners to be involved in WP4 activities (market uptake strategy).

The Work Package Leader have the full responsibility of managing their WP, to keep the project schedule and milestones and to deliver the results of their WP in time.

The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) consists of 4-5 representatives of major lobby organisations of the food, food processing and food industry sectors. This board will give important external advice to the overall justification of the project, will foster market introduction for the benefit of their members and will act as a multiplier for all dissemination actions.

The Industry Associated Group (IAG) will mainly consist of industry representatives which are interested in i³-food activities and will be informed via the European food processing network HighTech Europe, for all kinds of dissemination and exploitation actions.