The i3-food consortium members in front of the Entex facilities



The past June 13th and 14th was the time for the 2017 i3-project annual meeting. It took place in Bochum (Germany), an industrial city in the Ruhr area.

All the consortium members could check the actual i3-food results and reports for the month 24 of the project. But above all, we took the opportunity to plan the next steps. Now, we’re ready to show the first results of our research and studies, and we’re excited to do it in future workshops and open demo days for the interested companies.

Soon, we’ll release the news about these events and all the inscription information through our website, our newsletter and the i3-food Linkedin page. Stay tuned!


Working session Working session


During our meeting we could also visit the facilities of ENTEX, one of the i3-food consortium members, and the producers of the Planetary Roller Extruder. Also, we could enjoy the German Mining Museum in Bochum, a piece of the German and European industrial history. Finally, we had the dinner at the Franz Ferdinand restaurant, and the meeting and working sessions were held in the Renaissance Bochum Hotel.

We want to thank to our hosts for all your help and kindness during these days.


German Mining Museum  View of Bochum